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Our Grooming service offers convenience, comfort and style. We use hypoallergenic and all-natural oatmeal shampoos for a safe and luxurious experience. In-home available for an additional fee. Priced by breed and weight. By appointment only, no walk-ins.

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Grooming Package

Blow Dry and Blowout Undercoat if applicable
Nail cut or Dremel
Paw trim
Cologne spritz
Weight Report
Health check and Appointment Report SMS/Email
Haircut where needed

Benefits of Grooming

Improved Coat Health: Regular grooming helps in distributing the natural oils throughout the dog's coat, promoting healthier skin and fur.

Reduced Shedding: Brushing and grooming can help remove loose fur and reduce shedding, making it more manageable for both the dog and its owner.

Prevention of Mats and Tangles: Regular grooming prevents mats and tangles from forming in the dog's coat, which can be uncomfortable and even painful for the dog.

Early Detection of Health Issues: During grooming sessions, owners may notice any unusual lumps, bumps, or skin conditions that may indicate health problems. Early detection can lead to timely veterinary care.

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