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Our Bathing service offers convenience, comfort and style. We use hypoallergenic and all-natural oatmeal shampoos for a safe and luxurious experience. In-home available for an additional fee. Priced by breed and weight. By appointment only, no walk-ins.

Bathing Package

Blow Dry and Blowout Undercoat if applicable
Nail cut or Dremel
Paw trim
Cologne spritz
Weight Report
Health check and Appointment Report SMS/Email

Benefits of Bathing

Hygiene: Regular bathing helps remove dirt, debris, and odors from your dog's coat, promoting overall cleanliness and hygiene.

Skin Health: Bathing can help maintain your dog's skin health by removing excess oils, dead skin cells, and allergens that may accumulate on the skin's surface.

Prevention of Skin Infections: Bathing with appropriate shampoos can help prevent skin infections by removing bacteria, fungi, and parasites that could potentially cause problems.

Fur Management: Bathing helps manage shedding by loosening and removing loose fur, reducing the amount of shedding around the house.

Allergy Relief: Bathing can provide relief for dogs with allergies by rinsing away allergens such as pollen and dust that may be trapped in their coat.

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